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Out of the Woods: Tiger at the Masters

By Kaleb Page

April 8, 2015

If you happened to be tuned in to the sports world over the weekend an announcement was dropped in the golfing community.

Stop the presses!

Tiger Woods is back for the Masters.

Over the Easter weekend Woods announced he officially would be in play for the green jacket, but his ranking of 111 in the world doesn’t speak the volumes an announcement did when he was still in the top 10 in the world.

Now that is my opinion, but if you look elsewhere like on SportsCenter or Fox Sports the announcement brought a halt to anything going on and a breaking news notice. Now granted it is Tiger. Tiger will always draw a crowd no matter what the situation and its understandable because he once was the unstoppable force of golf.

However, I think the major outlets could be going down the wrong path with this Masters. If things are going to be focused on Tiger and his chase for another green jacket, aren’t we losing evolving the game of golf?

Especially in the fact of new fans and excitement toward what stars are on the horizon.  It will be interesting to see how the likes of Rory McCIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Dexter Fowler and Jordan Speith do when the event starts on Thursday.

Those are the young guns to look for at the event along with guys like Bubba Watson, Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia who have been around awhile and will make their push for the jacket later in the weekend.

Is it weird that I’m essentially saying leave Tiger be and instead focus on someone else? I’d like to think I’m not the only one. Do I want Tiger to find his stride again…for sure, but is it the time to be all eyes on him…no.

At this rate we will never see the Tiger of old and like most things in life we hype up, the hype is too much and then we become underwhelmed by what we ultimately get. Instead we should be hyping up the field (all the other golfers I mentioned above). It not only will create a better story line to follow but it would also set up for something even more special.

Now the scenario is hypothetical but say with the focus on others and their success, it creates huge buzz for new fans and makes an interesting dynamic if another story arises. A story of epic proportions that was built the right way by actual substance rather than hype. One involving an epic final day at the Masters.

Listen closely through the woods. The legend is coming for the jacket.

Do you hear it?

It’s that unmistakable roar of the Tiger.


Cameras and commentators shine at Masters


The coverage of the 2012 Masters golf tournament was very well done with great commentary, beautiful camera work and great analysis.

Augusta is a beautiful course that was displayed well by different angles and fly-by shots.  Throughout the tournament, there were good visuals showing the different holes and what the difficulties of each hole are.  The cameras also did a fine job of showcasing the emotions of each golfer.  After Bubba Watson missed a key putt in the playoff,  the camera had a great angle showing him discussing what went wrong with his caddy.  Golf is a hard sport to showcase on television since the field of play is so large. However,  close-ups of the individual golfers are also needed. CBS did an amazing job showcasing both of those elements.

Along with the camera work, there was informative analysis from all the commentators.  Jim Nantz did a majority of the commentary.  He set the stage well and even spoke softly while the golfer was about to swing.  Nantz kept viewers very informed with every detail of the tournament.

The whole coverage of the Masters by CBS really fit golf and the tournament. The Masters is arguably the best golf tournament in the world and the coverage did a fantastic job with such an important and entertaining event.