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First Take a ‘must watch’


The setup of ESPN’s debate show is Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discussing various issues in sports with Jay Crawford as host.  Stephen A. and Skip are both strong personalities who constantly take stances on the current issues in sports.  Both make very bold claims constantly, which makes for an entertaining show.

Earlier in the year, after Scottie Pippen said Lebron James is the best player ever, Stephen A. was very angry. He responded, “Scottie Pippen ought to be banned from Chicago for the day.” Stephen A. has also called former Raider’s quarterback Jamarcus Russell, “Jabba the Hut, lazy fat slob.”  It is statements like this that make Stephen A. a television personality people either love or love to hate.

Skip has become one of the most vocal people in the media giving Lebron James grief.  Skip has gone on to call Lebron names such as, “the Frozen One” and “Prince James.” This baffles Stephen A. Smith who is a pretty big Lebron supporter.  Stephen A. often uses words such a blasphemous and absolutely ridiculous.  Sometimes, while Skip makes his point, Stephen A. pretends to fall asleep or look at his phone. 

The issue with First Take is, at times, it can become more about whose prediction was right and not about the actual sporting event.  Nonetheless, the show has become something fans talk about during the actual sporting event.  During the final game of the NBA finals, after Lebron won, many people were very excited to see what Skip would say about it. 

First Take is one of the most entertaining sport talk shows on television.  With celebrity guests and the larger-than-life characters, First Take has become must watch sports entertainment.