From BGSU to the NHL: Andrew Hammond

By Ellen Chlumecky

March 19, 2015

The Bowling Green State University hockey program is no stranger to exceptional alumni. We have the notable Dan Bylsma who is a former professional hockey player and the former head coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Two of their alumni, Rob Blake and Ken Morrow were inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. George McPhee received the Hobey Baker Award when he was a hockey player here at Bowling Green. Gino Cavallini scored the winning overtime goal for the Falcons in the NCAA National Championship game. Most recently we gained an alumnus who is quickly making a name for himself on the Ottawa Senators. That rookie hockey player is Andrew Hammond.

Or one might know him as Hammy, Ham, Hammer, Hamsie, or the Hambone. More recently he might be referred to as “The Hamburglar” to his teammates and NHL and Ottawa Senators’ Twitter followers. You might know him as this because the National Post did a whole story on the development of his name and how he’s been having a breakout season as a rookie. Now like I said, the Bowling Green State University hockey program is no stranger to standout rookies and players who numerous accolades.

However, it’s especially exciting for someone who went to Bowling Green State University while he was playing, even if some of us only got to see him play when he was a senior. Besides the attention he’s been receiving on Twitter and his article in the National Post and one in Sports Illustrated, he’s having a great year for himself. Hammond’s current record in the goal right now is 9-0-1 including his win against the New York Islanders, only letting one goal in during the game. He is now only the third goaltender since 1928 to allow two or fewer goals in his first ten NHL starts, an incredible feat in and of itself.

Andrew Hammond has remained incredibly humble in all of his post-game interviews. His respectability not only on the ice but off the ice is another truly great feat for the Bowling Green State University hockey program. It makes me proud to go to a university that not only tries to raise tremendous athletes but athletes who go off and try to make respectable careers for themselves whether they continue to pursue their chosen sport or not. I wish Andrew Hammond luck in the rest of his hockey career and I know that he will continue to make his alma mater proud of his accomplishments.


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