Dany Heatley Takes One Step Back

By Ellen Chlumecky

On December 29th, a rumor surfaced that Dany Heatley was currently being placed on waivers. On December 30th, the Anaheim Ducks announced the decision to move veteran Dany Heatley to their AHL affiliate team in Norfolk.  That same day, the Anaheim Ducks had Heatley clear the waivers and the move to the Norfolk Admirals became official. While this was not the only moving they had been done, it was definitely the one that caused a few heads to turn in the NHL world.

Heatley has made his way around the NHL playing for not only the Anaheim Ducks but the Atlanta Thrashers, Ottawa Senators, San Jose Sharks, and the Minnesota Wild. Winning his fair share of awards notably the Calder Memorial Trophy as the top NHL rookie in 2002. Also was one of the Ottawa Senators’ leading scorers during his time with the Senators. With the Senators, Heatley set franchise records for 50 season-single goals which he achieved in not only one, but two back to back seasons. He also scored 105 points during the 2006-2007 season. In 2008, he was Canada’s all-time leader in goals and the all-time leader in points for the World Championships. Heatley has also represented Team Canada in six World Championships, two Olympics, one World Cup of Hockey, and two World Junior Championships. Doesn’t exactly have the criteria of a hockey player who should be sent back down to the AHL, does it?

While some time has passed, Heatley’s reputation has always preceded him for being a tough, go all in player. However, since joining the Anaheim Ducks, Heatley has been scoreless in six games with a minus-3 rating. Heatley has been struggling with a groin problem that required surgery. It’s not like Heatley hasn’t been trying his best though. It’s clear that Heatley has been busting his butt on and off the ice to return to 100%.

Some may wonder why a veteran of his caliber is being sent down to the AHL for a few bad games. Some speculate that the Ducks made the executive decision to send him down so he can work on his rehabilitation. Others suggest that he really hasn’t been clicking with the Ducks as a team. Some people still think that the car accident might have a psychological effect on him and his playing.

Whatever the case may be, this is Heatley’s fifth NHL team. As a veteran, I’m sure he will be able to bounce back from this obstacle in his career.





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