LeBron Said The Bulls Are Better Than The Cavaliers, Or Did He?

By Kate Roth

Since the moment that NBA superstar LeBron James announced his decision to come back to his home and join the Cleveland Cavaliers there have been countless news stories and headlines highlighting his name.

With the large amount of these stories popping up on the screen it started to become more likely for me to bypass the headline and move on to a different story. That is until I read the headlines about LeBron’s latest interview today. The headlines all read as different variations of LeBron telling reporters that he believes the Chicago Bulls look to be a better team than the Cleveland Cavaliers at the moment.

After reading these headlines I was a bit shocked to see that LeBron would say something like that about his team just a few weeks before the start of the NBA season. So I decided to watch the full interview and see what LeBron had actually said just to check and see if the media had blown his statements out of proportion.

For the most part the media did a great job reporting on this interview, however they did have one flaw in that they twisted some of the LeBron’s words around to make his statements come off as a little more serious than it seemed LeBron intended them to.

Yes LeBron did say that he believes the Bulls are a better team than the Cavs are right now in terms of chemistry, but we all already knew that. LeBron was just stating something that is obvious to all NBA fans, not trying to cause a panic for those fans predicting the Cavs to win it all this year. The core of the Bulls team have played together for a couple of years compared to the Cavs team who has many new members playing together for the first time, of course they are going to have more chemistry.

What you didn’t see in the headlines is that LeBron went on to say in his interview that the Cavs have spent time over the past month really working on team bonding to build that chemistry so they can be at the same level as the Bulls. He also commented that the team will need to play a few games together and even go through some disagreements before they can reach the same level of chemistry as the Bulls, but he believes that the team is well on their way there.

It seems as though this happens to us frequently while scrolling through sports media. We see a headline making claims about someone in the sports world and we instantly become interested and have to click on the link. Then upon reading the article we are disappointed to find out that the headline doesn’t quite exactly match up with the story.

In the media’s defense, I probably would have shown very little attention, if any, to these articles if they had headlines stating what LeBron actually said in his interview, so I cannot blame them for writing up the stories the way that they do. It’s all just a part of the business.

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