A Royal Welcoming in Kansas City

By Nick Muhl

On Tuesday, the Kansas City Royals took the field for Game 1 of Major League Baseball’s World Series. It’s been 29 long years for Kansas City fans, the Royals have not been to the series since 1985. However, one obstacle still remains in the way of the Royals and history, the San Francisco Giants. The Giants are looking to win their third World Series in five years, after they won in 2010 and 2012.

The Royals miraculous postseason run has been the topic of many sports headlines. Front pages across the nation have been spotted with headlines involving the Royals during the entire month leading up to and during the playoffs. “World Class”, “Royal Again”, Kansas City Wins in Dramatic Fashion”, “Salvation” “11th Heaven” are just a few highlighting the amazing achievements the Royals have accomplished so far this postseason.

Baseball fans around the country are flocking to join the AL Pennant Champions bandwagon heading into the series. Unless you happen to be a Giants fan, I’m not sure how you could root against this team. It has been refreshing for many fans and media for a new team to get back to baseball elite. We are just two years removed from the Royals coming off their first winning season in 2013 after 9 consecutive losing seasons from 2004-2012.

The Royals don’t even support a traditional baseball lineup. Thy only have two players, James Shield and Alex Gordon who make more than 10 million this year. Unlike teams like the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and other major market teams, the Royals roster is made up of players who simply get the job done. Sure, the Royals don’t have a David Ortiz or Derek Jeter, but that’s what makes them so fun to watch.

Mike Moustakas’ diving catch over the dugout was a number one highlight for over a week. Their bullpen is highlighted by unheard of names by the non-traditional baseball fan, Wade Davis and Kelvin Herrera, who continue to close out games in the clutch. Starting pitchers James Shield, Justin Vargas, and Jeremy Guthrie out-performed big name pitchers Clayton Kershaw and Ubaldo Jimenez.

This week fans and media from across the country will flock to Kansas City to see the Royals play in the world series. Not only could it have not happened to a better team, but Kansas City as a whole deserves this. They have earned their spot among baseball royalty, even if it may only be highlighted for a few short weeks.

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