Brock Boyer Back in the State Tournament

By Kia Tyus

Andrew Williams of The Courier recently published an article about Brock Boyer making history in North Baltimore.

This article starts strong by stating multiple facts about Brock Boyer and the history of golf in North Baltimore.

The article did a great job in talking about the 34-year drought since a player from North Baltimore made it to state finals. Meaning, since 1980, no golfer from North Baltimore has made it to the state finals.

Boyer wasn’t even thought about the last time a golfer from North Baltimore made it to the finals, which is why the senior’s impressive 78 at the Division III boys district golf tournament on Thursday at Stone Ridge Golf Club got the community buzzing. Boyer will compete at the golf tournament on October 11 and 12 at North Star Golf Club in Sunbury.

Boyer stated that this accomplishment was a “great feeling”.

After the short Boyer introduction, the article took a turn for the worst by discussing other competitors whose scores happen to be better than Boyer’s.

I feel as though if you are going to highlight such a historical moment the author of the article Andrew Williams needed to focus more on Boyer and his accomplishments in the tournament.

Williams in a way disrespected Boyer by not fully acknowledging him throughout the entire article. Something Williams could have included in his article was writing about Boyer’s early golfing days and the struggle and heartbreak of never making it to the finals.

Maybe Williams could have asked more questions, such as if there was any pressure to break the drought.

To me, if you are going to acknowledge someone especially in the title you owe that person a full article, not half an article. It was wrong for Williams to discuss the competition Boyer would face.

It was Boyer’s time to shine and embrace the moment of such accomplishment. If Williams wanted to write about Boyer and his competition, that should have been a separate article.



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About kiatyus

Kia Tyus is a senior at BGSU. She is a sport management major and marketing minor. Her short-term goal is to work with in the marketing department or communicaton department for a small Division I or Division II sports program. Her long-term goal is to become the marketing director or the head sport information director (SID) of the Michigan State University athletic department. This is her third year participating with the Maxwell Project.

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