MLB Playoffs: Lost in the Mix

By Kate Roth

With all of the excitement surrounding the many college football upsets lat weekend it seems that the Major League Baseball Playoffs have gotten lost in the media.

One would think that a sport known as America’s national pastime would receive a bit more coverage during the playoffs, which are undoubtedly the most intense and exciting part of the MLB season. Yet every sports media show and site you look at is showing the same clips from the big college football games played on Saturday.

This is not to say that there has not been any media coverage of the MLB playoffs at all, but in my opinion the small clips and highlights that are shown on SportsCenter are not nearly enough.

Over the weekend the Kansas City Royals (a team who has not made the playoffs in 20 years) upset the Los Angeles Angels (one of the favorites to win the American League) by completing a three game sweep to advance to the American League Championship Series. To me, an upset like this on the stage that they had to play on should be the main highlight of every sports media page and show. Just watching the highlights from this series alone would get fans more excited to tune into the rest of the MLB playoffs.

Without the media giving the MLB any attention, it seems as though fans have forgotten that the playoffs are even in action. All of their focus has gone towards who will be the top four teams to make the college football playoffs, even though they are only half way through the season.

Fans enjoy knowing about the sports and teams they are going to watch before actually watching them, that way they are familiar with the players during the game and have a little more background to keep them intrigued.  If the media were to spend a little more time showcasing the MLB playoffs I think we would see an increase in fan interest because they would have more information on the teams giving them reason to actually watch the games.

Overall, I am excited to see how the rest of this MLB postseason will play out and I hope to see more attention from the media along with more fan interest in our national pastime.


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