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Frazier Attacks Pelini on Twitter, Team Comes to Rescue


After an upsetting 41-21 loss to UCLA on September 14th, former Husker Quarterback and University of Nebraska legend, Tommie Frazier decided he had seen enough.

Instead of keeping his anger to himself he took it to social media. He made statements on twitter regarding the need to fire the defensive coaching staff for the Nebraska football team, including head coach, Bo Pelini, if the Huskers wanted to improve.

Many Nebraska fans look up to Frazier, so naturally when the fans saw his comments they started to agree with him. This led to an ambush of tweets from Nebraska fans.

Luckily, countless players came to the rescue of their coach after seeing the comments made by Frazier and other husker fans, stating that the coaching staff did not control the outcome of the game, the players did. They took the blame for the loss and encouraged the Husker faithful to stay true to Coach Pelini and the team.

The comments made by Frazier and the fans seem to have set a spark under the Husker football team. Since the comments were made, Nebraska has gone 3-0 outscoring their opponents 142-46, thanks in big part to the Nebraska defense that has stepped up big time and earned the “black-shirt” defense name.

The Nebraska faithful seem to have forgotten the comments made by Frazier and are back to their full support of Coach Pelini, at least for now.

Although the comments might not have gone over the way that Frazier planned, they have served their purpose in improving this team. They seem to have been what this Husker football team needed all along, something to fire them up, get them excited about playing football again, and give them something to play for.

It is unclear of what lies ahead for Coach Pelini and his coaching staff at the end of this season. We will have to wait and see how the rest of this season plays out and how many more twitter rants they can overcome.