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Did the Media Cover the Wrong Story Following Super Bowl XLIX?

By Nick Muhl

February 3, 2015

I feel the need to start out my story by saying this: what a fantastic Super Bowl.

It was truly a back and forth game, ending with a 10-point fourth quarter comeback by Tom Brady and the Patriots. Nobody said it was going to be easy, it never is for the Patriots in the big game.

The defending champion Seattle Seahawks did their best impression of the New York Giants, but came up short of repeating as champions and robbing Brady and Belichick of their fourth Super Bowl title.

Seahawks wide receiver Chris Matthews not only caught his first pass of the NFL season, but three more totaling 109 yards and a touchdown. Beastmode did as Beastmode does, Lynch ran for 102 yards and a 4.3 per carry average. The Legion of Boom’s defense held the Patriots to 57 rush yards.

Even then, Brady looked to have solidified his fourth title, joining Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw with his touchdown to Julian Edelman with 2:02 remaining.

Then came the insane catch by Jermaine Kearse, who was able to pull down a David Tyree-esque catch to bring the Seahawks in scoring range.

Second and goal following a Lynch handoff and the clock ticking under 35 seconds, Belichick trusted his defense and decided against calling a timeout and giving Brady and his offense another chance at a possible tying field goal.

We all know what happened next. Wilson threw the ball on a goal-line pick play, and Pats defensive back Malcolm Butler picked it off to seal the Pats victory.

Immediately following the electric turn of events, Chris Collinsworth and his fellow NBC Super Bowl broadcasters commented on their disbelief that Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll decided against giving their star running back Marshawn Lynch the ball on a second and one.

Social media, newspaper headlines, online blogs, all giving their input on the terrible job Pete Carroll did. From what I hear, there now crowning it “the worst play call ever”.

As football fans know, you can’t play the “if” game. Well IF this player didn’t get hurt, IF he caught that one pass, IF we had a different quarterback, ect. Consider it an un-written law of football fandom.

Sure, we could look at the play over and over again and wonder why didn’t Carroll run it with Lynch? It could be the fact that everyone thought that was the play call and he wanted to catch them off guard. It could be that the Seahawks have run that play call before during the 2014 season and is a standard inside the five yard line call for the Seahawks.

It could be a lot of things. The fact of the matter is, Malcolm Butler did his homework and the Patriots won the Super Bowl. However, it seems to me all the major media wants to discuss is the “what if” Lynch got the ball. Who says the New England d-line doesn’t claim Super Bowl glory and stuff Beastmode?

That’s the beauty of football.

“Worst Play Call Ever” will continue to be spread and numerous articles will continue to be written all criticizing Carroll’s play call.

Brady and Bellichick’s fourth Super Bowl, Brady’s 37 completion Super Bowl record, Bellichick trusting his defense, there all the second story. After the worst play call ever.

The media covered the wrong story.

And I haven’t even mentioned yet that the Super Bowl ended in a brawl.

Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Review

By Kia Tyus

February 2, 2015

An exciting first half to Super Bowl XLIX has been completed. The halftime crew starts of talking about some stats that happened during the first half. First, Tom Brady has tied Joe Montana with 11 touchdown passes thrown in the Super Bowl.

The crew then begins to discuss the struggles of the Seattle Seahawks. First point made, Seattle was having major matchup problems. After a great interception by cornerback Jeremy Lane, he ended up hurting his wrist and will not return. To replace him, Tharold Simon replaced him.

Right away, the Patriots took advantage of this and scored on their next drive.

On the bright side for Seattle, Chris Matthews scored his first career touchdown. And with 36 seconds left in the first half, Seattle marched down the field to tie the game up at 14-14.

On the other side, the halftime crew pretty much praised the play of the Patriots. Saying that the Patriots were out playing Seattle despite the score. The crew also talked about an interesting stat, that being that the Patriots scored 66 points total during the duration of the NFL season with less than 2 minutes in the first half.

After a recap of each team, the crew discussed how the Seahawks need to continue to run the ball on offense and their defense needs to get things going. The Patriots on the other hand need to continue to take advantage of mismatches and they cannot give up big plays.

The NFL also showed Bobby Sena for NFL 60 made the NFL ball hand off at the beginning of the game.

To close out the half, the crew talked about how New England out played Seattle but the game is still tied. They also stated how no expert had a clear-cut winner for the game. At the ending of the game may very well be decided by the field goal kickers.

All five of the Patriots Super Bowl games have been decided by four points or less.

To end the Toyota NFL Half Time Show, they showed the first half highlights.