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Zolak Goes Zany for Brady’s Game Winner


The New Orleans Saints looked as if they had the game won last Sunday in New England.  A Garrett Hartley field goal put them up by three with just over two minutes left in the game.  But the Patriots would get one more opportunity.

With just five seconds remaining, Brady capped off a 70-yard drive with a touchdown pass to rookie receiver Kenbrell Thompkins, which put New England ahead 30-27.

Of the nearly 69,000 fans at Gillette Stadium, one of, if not the most excited one was Scott Zolak, the color commentator on 98.5 FM The Sports Hub.  As play-by play announcer, Bob Socci made the call, Zolak, who could not contain his enthusiasm, interrupted him.

There were a few seconds when they both spoke, rather yelled simultaneously about what just happened.  Then Socci let Zolak take the wheel.

“Unicorns! Show ponies! Where’s the beef?!”  These were the most intriguing of the things Zolak shouted following the improbable Patriots’ victory.

It was a very entertaining play call, but I’m not sure what any of those things had to do with Brady, the Patriots, or football in general.  Zolak is clearly a fan of the Patriots, and I don’t see anything wrong with that for a local broadcaster.  It definitely makes for a better listening experience when broadcasters are enthusiastic about the game.  However, it is also a good thing when they make sense.  And Scott Zolak made no sense.

I am not a Patriots fan, and after hearing that call, I’m not really a Scott Zolak fan either.  I don’t blame him for being happy about his team winning, but the things he said sounded quite foolish and unintelligent.  While it was a good end to the game, it was not a very good end to Zolak’s broadcast.