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A Year in Review: The Last Post

By Kaleb Page

May 8, 2015

As finals week approaches, so too does the end of posting for the Maxwell Media Watch.

This experience started back in the fall and it was one that allowed me to do what I’ve always loved to do: talk sports.

I wanted to use this final post to not only look back on what I did this year, but to also reflect on all the important people who made things possible.

My first post of the year was on the media overreacting to the Patriots collapse early in the season to the Kansas City Chiefs. That will always be a special post to me since it was my first one and I think I really critiqued the situation well (doesn’t hurt that I was right too).

There have been countless posts over the year and each one had its elements I enjoyed a lot. I tried to mix up my approach as much as I could, and spread my sports thoughts across everything from football and basketball to soccer and mixed martial arts. I enjoy a wide range of sports and hopefully for those who read you enjoyed what I had to say from sport to sport.

While it was nice to have this platform to post every Tuesday and Thursday, it would not have been possible without the many important people around me and the people who put this all together.

First, I would like to thank Mr. Maxwell, Kaitlin Rohrs, Steven Kubitza and Dr. Spencer for doing what they did this year. Mr. Maxwell gave us such a great platform to use and fine tune our writing ability. Rohr, Kubitza and Spencer each had a hand in making this whole year a smooth one along with given good advice on how to make us better (me included).

It was a great experience and I truly do have to thank those mentioned above for providing this opportunity.

Aside from the architects of this, I also want to give a shout out to all of the other bloggers as well. I enjoyed reading other works from fellow sports minds and getting perspectives that I necessarily never thought of before. I wish you all the best moving forward in whatever you happen to do and hopefully we all can look back at this as the starting point to something special.

Now it’s time to thank the most important people, my family and friends. I have the best support around and I am so thankful to have the mom, dad and brothers that I have. It means a lot to also have an extended family that has supported this as well and continues to read posts. I work hard for all of you and I hope I set a good example to be proud of.

For my friends. Thank you for reading my posts during the year when you had the chance to do so. I know we are all busy and don’t get the chance to talk as much but thank you for the support and I enjoy seeing your successes as well. (Oh and Joda Green, great comments this year. Just some classic comments this year.)

In the end, thank you all for reading, commenting or even giving my post just a quick glance. It means a lot as I chase a dream that is on a high level of attainment. It has been a great ride this year and I hope to have more material in the future for you all to look at.

Thank you all very much.

Maxwell Project Receives Attention from Media


After the second annual “A Conversation with …” event, the Richard A. Maxwell Sport Media Project has received considerable attention in the local media.  This year’s Conversation event featured Ed Goren, Vice Chairman of FOX Sports Media Group. 

During his media career, Ed Goren amassed 46 individual sports Emmy Awards, something he partly attributes to his roots as a news reporter. Goren spoke to a packed house April 25 and advised aspiring sport journalists to “get a job in the news and learn how to tell the story.”

“It was the best piece of advice I ever had,” Goren said. “The best commentators, the best directors, the best producers are the best storytellers in their own way.” Goren took over as executive producer of FOX Sports in 1994. In his position he is responsible for the look, sound, editorial content and quality of the station’s broadcast.

He took the helm at FOX after the station acquired the broadcast rights to the NFL. Goren helped come up with the “FOX Box” and the idea for a scaled-down version of a football field in the studio.

The media executive spoke at Bowling Green State University as part of a spring conversation put on by the Richard A. Maxwell Sport Media Project, Department of Journalism and Public Relations and the Sport Management Program. 

Maxwell , a 1970 BGSU graduate, is the recently retired director of broadcasting for the NFL.