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Trouble in Philly: Sam Bradford Wants Out

by Brendan Ripley-Barasch

The City of Philadelphia has had a tough go with their professional sports teams in recent years. Most notably, the Eagles have consistently under performed despite having elite talent like LeSean McCoy, Demarco Murray and DeSean Jackson at some point over the past four years. The Phillies have quickly plummeted to the bottom of the MLB and how could we forget the 76ers who have been one of the worst teams in NBA history for the past few seasons. The struggles continued when Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford reportedly requested a trade early Monday morning.

                                                                           Image via http://www.philly.com

The former number one overall draft pick is most likely seeking a trade because of the move his current team made a few days ago. Last Thursday the Philadelphia Eagles agreed to send the no. 8, no. 77, and no. 100 picks in this year’s draft along with a first-round pick in 2017 and 2018 second-round pick to the Cleveland Browns to receive the second overall pick in this year’s draft as well as a 2017 fourth-round pick. After the trade was officially completed, Eagles representatives announced that they planned on taking a QB with the second overall pick. It is interesting that Philly decided to trade away so many picks just so they could draft another signal-caller with the second selection. It is only interesting because this past off-season the team signed Bradford to a two-year deal which included $22 million in guaranteed money while also signing former Kansas City quarterback Chase Daniel to a three-year contract where he is guaranteed $12 million.

It is obvious that the Eagles are trying to solidify what is widely seen as the most important position in football and the trade shows just how desperate they were in doing so. Bradford is upset with the move and he has every right to, why would he tolerate being seen as a stop-gap player?

Earlier in the week, reports were that even after the trade, Sam did not wish to be traded and wanted to prove to the organization that he was “the guy.” But now the complete opposite is being said, the next couple days will prove which report is correct. For now we’re going to pretend that Bradford actually does want to be traded. There are a few teams who are in the market for an experienced quarterback. To name a few, the Denver Broncosand San Francisco 49ers.  With the departure of both Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler, Denver is in dire need of a player who can lead the team. In San Francisco’s case, the organization has not shown the most trust in Colin Kaepernick and might be interested in making a deal.

Even with his reported request for a trade, Eagles management is supporting Bradford. Executive Vice President of Football Operations Howie Roseman was quoted as saying, “to reiterate our support for Sam Bradford and go back to our statements last week — that Sam is our starting quarterback.” This statement shows that the team is trying to downplay the drama surrounding their quarterback situation, and they are saying the right things.

Even if the former Oklahoma Sooner did request a trade, the media has no room to criticize him. Just like any other player, Bradford wants respect. And if the team does actually use the 2nd pick on a QB, which will most likely be Carson Wentz, why is it wrong for them to plan for the future? The organization is attempting to change the approach they have had the past few seasons, instead of trying to win now, they are figuring out how to win in the future and that means they must have a quarterback who can do that. It would not be the worst idea to take Wentz and let him sit for a couple of seasons allowing him to adjust to a pro style NFL offense. But even if Wentz isn’t thrown into the fire his rookie year, he still has a lot of pressure on him. Philadelphia sacrificed a lot to get this pick and they are counting on Wentz or any other QB they get to make it worth it.

The 2016 NFL Draft will be held in Chicago on April 28th and Eagles faithful as well as media will be waiting patiently to see what their team does. If Philly sticks to their plan and takes a QB, it will take a couple seasons to see who got the best of the trade because now the Cleveland Browns are seen as the clear winners and that is a first.



Peyton Manning: Legendary Quarterback and Perfectionist

By Savannah Malnar

Peyton Manning has a reputation of being the sort of guy you would want to spend as much time with as possible. He’s known for his good heart and great arm as a quarterback. But on Thursday, he got a little angry at something that other quarterbacks may not be as worried about.

Manning and the Denver Broncos were up 14 points over Philip Rivers the San Diego Chargers as they were nearing the 2 minute mark in the 4th quarter. As expected, the fans were excited. The scoreboard operator did what people in his position usually are supposed to do: he got them more excited. And Manning didn’t like it.

The scoreboard operator was switching between showing opposing quarterback Rivers on San Diego’s sideline and Manning on offense, invoking a taunt/cheer reaction from the crowd in Denver. The problem? This was going on while Manning was trying to call plays and finish out the game.

Manning was obviously frustrated, making hand signals and attempting to quiet the crowd time (there’s even a video of him shouting an expletive at the crowd circling social media and professional media sites). But after the game, Manning insisted he wasn’t upset at the fans; it was the scoreboard operator he was frustrated with.

The fact that there was so much noise while he was trying to call out plays irked Manning, but he also had a problem with the scoreboard operator showing Rivers. “I don’t think we should be showing their quarterback on the sideline. I thought that was kind of disrespectful,” Manning said during the post-game press conference.

Interestingly enough, an article featured in local newspaper and sport media outlet The Denver Post agreed what the scoreboard operator did was wrong, but that Manning could have been more sensitive about the matter. All major sport media sites were fair and objective in relaying what Manning said; Mike Klis, author of the article in The Denver Post, was more subjective.

He called attention to Manning being a perfectionist and that being a good thing. Again, he believed Manning was in the right, but said, “He just should have been less serious. This would have been a time for Manning’s folksy humor that plays so well to a national audience.”

Is it fair to ask Peyton Manning, debatably the best quarterback in the NFL, to relax about something that may seem trivial? Or has he earned the right to be picky about his playing conditions?

Well Deserved Media Praise Follows Peyton Manning Throwing 500th Career Touchdown Pass

By Matt Rogers

During the Denver Broncos match-up against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, Peyton Manning became one of only two quarterbacks in NFL history to throw at least 500 touchdowns, the other being Brett Favre.

Merely seconds after the play that resulted in Manning’s 500th touchdown, social media exploded with analysis from fans, professional journalists and even the Denver Broncos themselves. In this day and age, social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have become a popular source for getting news, especially when a milestone is reached in the NFL. Twitter is filled not only with fans of the NFL, but is used as a medium to deliver current news by the journalists that cover the league.

In the days leading into the Broncos’ game in Week 5, there were questions being posed on social media. “In what quarter will Manning achieve the milestone?” and “Which receiver will be the recipient of Manning’s 500th touchdown pass?” were two of the most prevalent. These types of posts have become a minute-by-minute occurrence, when Twitter was ushered in as a way to reflect on things that have happened in the sporting world that day or recently.

This could definitely be attributed to the expansion of media, especially as it pertains to how sports are covered. Without these social media sites, fans and followers would have either waited to find out happenings in the newspaper or wait to see the highlights on shows like ESPN’s SportsCenter. This can also be attributed to the rapid increase in the general public’s interest in sports.

Social media sites are not  the only type of media that continues to expand. Coverage of sports, mainly the NFL, has expanded to a point where all important weekend time slots are filled by most of the nationally televised networks, such as CBS, FOX, NBC and ESPN. Now, to find out about things like Peyton Manning’s 500th touchdown pass, a person can choose from so many different types of media that provide updates as frequently as every second.

Peyton Manning has become one of, if not the face, faces, of the NFL and one of the league’s most beloved players because of his personality and demeanor. He appears in various commercial ads for large companies, like Papa John’s Pizza, Nationwide and Buick. Anytime Peyton Manning reaches a milestone or breaks a record, which happens on a weekly basis it seems, the fans of the league are going to find out about it the second after it occurs.

Media Recognizes a Humble Peyton Manning After Record-Breaking Day

By Nicholas Muhl

Before the first kickoff of the 2014 NFL season, fans, analysts and even his peers knew that Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning would break the 500-career touchdown mark this year. Barring a serious injury, the NFL veteran now in his 16th season, would become only the second quarterback in league history to throw for over 500 career touchdowns, finally joining Brett Favre in that exclusive club.

This past Sunday, Manning finally completed the highly anticipated moment, throwing for the record-breaking touchdown pass with 4:43 remaining in the first quarter.

Peyton celebrated the touchdown connection to Broncos Tight End Julius Thomas the same way he has always celebrated throughout his career: a couple helmet nods and slaps with his teammates, and a humble walk back to his sideline. Manning was met with cheers from the Denver fans and many handshakes by his teammates when he reached the sideline. For a few moments he accepted praise but then Manning did as he has always done, rushed to meet his offensive coaches and break down the next offensive series.

Manning has always been known for his work ethic and the way he carries himself. Following the record-breaking moment the game’s TV analysts, Joe Buck and NFL Hall of Famer Troy Aikman, took a moment to speak of not just how great a player Peyton Manning is, but congratulate him on such a great achievement as a person. They noted how humble Manning has always remained.

David Dechant, Digital Media Coordinator for the Denver Broncos interviewed Manning following the game. Manning commented on receiving a game ball after the victory, “anything that comes the way, I really accept it on behalf of a number of players.”

Dechant noted to include this is his article on DenverBroncos.com.

Woody Paige, writer for the Denver Post and a ESPN contributor, also made note to comment in his own article on Manning’s character. This time referring to the ball he threw to break the record.

“After the game, Manning was his normal humble self. When asked if he keeps the footballs that set records, Peyton said: “You know what. I’ve never kept a football .”

In recent weeks the NFL has been the topic of many headlines, many highlighting the leagues recent issues with players being in trouble with the law. In an NFL season that so far has been shrouded by negativity in the media, it was a great moment for the analysts and writers to take a moment to highlight a man that has been nothing but a positive influence for the NFL and a celebrated figure in the eyes of fans around the world.

It’s obvious the NFL prefers for the media to highlight players like Manning that portray the league in a positive light. While it’s the job of the media to keep the public informed, I think many fans too, prefer to hear more stories like this one.