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Cleveland Browns Eyeing Expensive Free Agent Darrelle Revis

By Matt Stevenson

March 11, 2015

Darrelle Revis is set to become a free agent and is looking for a big payday once again. Coming off a Super Bowl with the Patriots, the top-notch corner back was let go by the Patriots after they neglected to pick up his $20 million team option for next year. This leaves a stellar player on the market in which has seen the highest quality players already gone.

The Cleveland Browns are an intriguing team when it comes to Revis due to what they have to offer him. We can offer him boat loads of money, which many other teams can as well. However, we also can offer the best CB tandem in the league to Revis, pairing him up with All-Pro CB Joe Haden. Lastly, “Revis Island” was invented during his best years of his career under former Jets Defensive Coordinator, a guy by the name of Mike Pettine… Cleveland Browns current Head Coach.

The Cleveland Browns have more than $50 million dollars to spend this summer and so far have been quite in Free Agency, although they did sign WR Brian Hartline to a 2 year deal.

With no big splash made and the highest regarded free agents off of the market, many are wondering where the Browns will spend their money and Revis might be the route to take.

There are no doubts that Revis will get offers from teams that are in contention for a Championship, but it comes down to how much money is he willing to give up at the cost of competing for another Super Bowl.

The Oakland Raiders, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets and Patriots are all big plays for Revis. Of course, the Patriots are the only team that can contend right now, but you’d have to imagine there is some tough love after not picking up Revis’ team option.

With Joe Haden already proven as a top-5 CB in the NFL, the Browns can offer Revis Island a CB tandem that no other team can offer him. Justin Gilbert was a first round pick last year and struggled his first season but showed flashes of his potential. Revis would be able to help Gilbert develop but also the 3 together are a perfect fit for Pettine’s press man-cover scheme.

The options are on the table to CB Darrelle Revis, and there are some good ones. Coming off of a Super Bowl, Revis will be getting attention from almost every team in the league. Despite the Patriots attempting to re-sign him for less money, the Cleveland Browns surprisingly have significant benefits to offer Revis that most teams in the NFL can’t.

Expect a hectic week of reporting regarding Revis as the sweepstakes have officially started. One thing will remain no matter what team signs him, there will be millions of dollars spent on the elite CB known as Revis Island.

Violence Again the Topic of Another Weekend’s NFL Headlines

By Nick Muhl

Many of this weekends National Football League games brought about more headlines discussing the violence and the aggressive nature of some of its players. Rather than game recaps and analysis, many media outlets have taken this opportunity to once again criticize the NFL for not doing a better job in educating players to avoid these types of incidents.

The largest incident this weekend by far came in the game between the Tennessee Titans and New York Jets. Late in the third quarter, Jets quarterback Geno Smith and Titans defensive lineman Jurell Casey exchanged words following a play. Jurell Casey seemed to take offense to something Geno Smith said, and threw a punch into the right side of his helmet as Smith walked away. Chaos ensued after, with both teams clearing benches into a massive brawl.

In the game between the Washington Redskins and New York Giants, Redskins receiver Santana Moss had to be ejected from the game after his furious outburst in the face of an official. Moss was upset after the officiating crew overturned a Robert Griffin III touchdown at the end of the first half.

Reporters and writers did not shy away from reporting on a heated exchange of words between Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant and Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins. The two players only seemed to jaw at each other for the most part, but the conversation did not look like a friendly one.

While some of these examples may seem petty, it brings to light an important issue the NFL must face. Since news stories of Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Darren Sharper, Greg Hardy and Ray McDonald broke, the NFL has tried to distance itself from being associated with questionable characters. All of these are either current or former NFL players currently under investigation in cases involving domestic violence, rape, child abuse, and other violent crimes.

This weekend is another example of how much work the NFL still has ahead of it, if it wants to repair its image and regain the respect of many. Sundays NFL games were another example of how the media will do everything it can to continue to highlight the NFL’s issue as long as it remains fresh on fans minds. The NFL may continue to grow frustrated with many media headlines, but they must focus on changing the culture of the NFL and it’s players if it wants to avoid further such headlines.

The Curse of the Biebs

By Kaleb Page

Do you believe in curses? Are you one to be superstitious with how certain things have to be? Well in the world of sport, a lot of people and players could say yes to those questions above. This past Sunday a curse possibility was found and yet it has been around for a while.

The Curse of Justin Bieber is something produced by the fan bases who have fallen to the pop star’s black veil cast upon their respective team(s). No different was it in Week 10 of the NFL season where the Steelers fell to the 1-8 Jets 13 to 20. Prompting many Steelers fans to blame the “Bieber Curse” for the loss to what on paper was an inferior opponent. If you didn’t see it Saturday, then now would be the time to fill you in as to how this loss ties in to the “Bieber Curse.”

On Saturday prior to the game the Steelers had a bible study, and guess who just so happened to come along in time to join. For those of you keeping track at home, it would be the one and only Justin Bieber. At the time a lot of Steelers players were happy to have him there as numerous pictures were taken with smiling players next to Bieber. As I saw the pictures on my timeline I let out a huge “nooooooooo” (as a Steelers fan it left me thinking why?; since I know of the curse). Little did they know the curse was planted for it to play out on Sunday.

As the game ended many outlets from CBS Sports, Sporting News, ESPN, etc. were asking is the new victim in the long line of “Bieber Curse” victims the Steelers? Those who covered this topic were quite thorough in their assessment and quite funny as well. Jason La Canfora called it an “ambush” and would be “hard to shake” on the part of the Steelers for the rest of the season. Sporting News did a nice chronological look at the curse so far this year leading up to this past Sunday, showing Bieber was at the Knicks home opener Oct. 29th (Knicks lost) and then the following night he was at the Cavaliers home opener (Cavs lost). Even though these cases are more recent the curse has a line going even further back.

SportsNation sent out a tweet showing a collection of the past victims to the Bieber curse. Like the Chicago Blackhawks who fell victim when Bieber came into their locker room in 2013 to see their Stanley Cup and stood on the teams’ logo taking a picture. Then it could be possible the Heat losing to the Spurs in the 2014 finals had to do with Bieber being court-side at Heat home games wearing Heat gear. Following those pictures, might have been the biggest case of the “Bieber Curse;” Bieber holding a Spain national team jersey. This really had the “Bieber Curse” brewing over this past summer when the previous World Cup champion Spain was destroyed in the 2014 World Cup.

It is interesting to see how people have put this correlation together and make this almost a cult like following to see where the “Bieber Curse” will strike again. For one thing there are those, who after this most recent correlation between the Biebs and the steelers loss, that want to ban the Biebs from their team.

However, undefeated Floyd Mayweather has had Bieber at his past two fights and yet he hasn’t lost. Maybe his time will come too, but for now he is having no effects of the curse.

As to the numerous fans out there nervous to when the “Bieber Curse” will strike their team, don’t look now but he is already visiting your team as we speak.

Michael Vick Gets the Start

By Kia Tyus

Frank Schwab wrote a great article on the quarterback woes of the New York Jets.

Schwab started the article off by discussing how the play of Geno Smith simply isn’t cutting it. Schwab wrote that the Smith isn’t a valuable option for the Jets. Schwab picked apart Smith’s play and rightfully so since he opened the game this past Sunday versus the Buffalo Bills throwing three picks in the first quarter alone.

Schwab continued to rip apart Smith by using critical stats. As a starter, Smith has a miserable 19 touchdowns and pitiful 31 interceptions. Clearly, like Schwab stated, Smith has not learned from him rookie mistakes. Currently, the Jets have one of the worst records in the NFL sitting on a 1-7 record. Which promoted the quarterback change for the Jets.

Schwab shifted the article toward the coach decision. Rex Ryan is probably one of the most indecisive coaches in the league in my opinion. Schwab helped back up my thought by writing about how Ryan still has hope for Smith this season. How Ryan isn’t worried about any other game except for the one this week. How this isn’t a long–term deal for the Jets. Ryan has failed to realize that in the system the Jets run, Smith simply doesn’t pull through.

Michael Vick use to be an elite quarterback in the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons before his poor choices off the field interfered. The aging quarterback who will be turning 35 is now the starting quarterback for a team that needs a major confidence boost.

Schwab made good points when it came to Vick and the quarterback future of the Jets. Vick is an older quarterback who granted has had some remarkable moments since reentering the NFL, but he has failed to really show that he can consistently make those necessary plays for his team on a week-to-week basis when given the chance.

Schwab ended the article stating that Vick obviously is not the franchise quarterback but at this point in time starting Vick over Smith is the smart move and I agree.