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Bryan Price Drops Some Bombs

By Kaleb Page

April 24, 2015

The good old-fashioned coach tirade. It’s a work of art when done right.

Whether its Jim Mora shouting about the playoffs or Dennis Green yelling about losing after letting the Bears of the hook, the tirade when done right is something to behold.

However the one that came from Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price was far from that. Prior to Monday’s game against the Brewers, Price did his normal pregame presser. However, this day would be far from normal when it came to Price and the media.

In an article by Yahoo Sports, the actions of Price came as a surprise since the manager is known for being very respectful toward reporters.

The tirade was targeted at a Cincinnati Enquirer report that released information on Devin Mesoraco being unavailable for the big national league central match-up with the rival St. Louis Cardinals prior to that series starting. It also had to deal with another report about a call-up to replace Mesoraco that Price was hoping to keep hidden.

When the reporter asked similar questions in that regard towards the health of the club, it set the fire into a blaze.

What resulted was a 5 minute and 34 second tirade with a good 77 uses of the ‘f-word’ sprinkled in there for good measure.

It was immediately hit with backlash, and it was deserved because there is no need for all of that. I understand that there will be times were managers and media clash, but to go this far is quite far.

Now granted he didn’t attack the reporter personally or get overly vulgar, but at the same time there is a higher standard that managers have to hold themselves too. It’s another thing too that baseball has more of a family vibe to it so something like this will draw the ire of more people than some other sports might.

Since the time has passed Price has made an apology and looks to move past the situation. I hope so because Price was a nice manager one that seemed unfazed by the pressures of the job.

Well this occasion proved that thought wrong, but hey you have all that scrutiny on you 24/7 and see if you don’t lose your cool. Let us not hold this one moment over his head forever.

In the words of Fox Sport’s Ken Rosenthal: “Price wasn’t the first to crack, and he won’t be the last.”

Hopefully this is just the case a rare flare up by a manager who is far from this embarrassing moment.

Until then, look for a parody version of Brian Price on an episode of South Park dropping some bombs…’f bombs’ that is.

Why Fear Perfection?

By Kaleb Page

March 16, 2015

In the world of sports the chase for a perfect season is something few have the actual chance to achieve. While the realistic goal is to reach and win a championship in whatever sport it might be; there seems to be the notion that undefeated is nearly impossible.

However, when the stars align in the sports world and a team does have the chance to go undefeated a new dilemma takes hold.

This dilemma being should we lose at least once to get it out-of-the-way, should we even bring up the fact that we are undefeated or can we be careful enough to hold on to the record we have.

This dilemma was shown with teams like the Patriots, Uconn women’s basketball, Wichita St. men’s basketball, etc. by many different media outlets. Now rises a new member to this club, the 2014-15 Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball team.

This edition of the Wildcats basketball team has the familiar feel of years past. A roster full of lottery picks and a fiery head coach that leads this team to become a fine tuned machine. This team currently sits at 31-0 going into its conference tournament after a season that saw many nail bitter moments for this talented squad.

An article on Fox Sports asked what if after this weekend Kentucky came away 31-1. The reporter (Reid Forgrave) said popular opinion across the country would be that a loss now is what Kentucky needs in order to win it all in the end.

Forgrave however, had the gut feeling to think it was ‘hogwash’ for a team with that much talent to suddenly feel any different with a loss than it did undefeated. I agree with this statement completely.

I know as humans we all feel pressure one way or another. Another thing, as all of us know, is that we know what we are in and what the implications are. Which for this team they know of all the hype and the implications of this historic run they are on. This team, that could run the table for the first time since 1976 (Indiana), definitely knows what is out there to be had.

While head coach John Calipari wants to make the team focus on the task at hand, there is always the knowledge of what can be accomplished in the back of their minds. If I’m on Kentucky I am embracing this record and embracing the chance to make history. ‘Why not us’ should be the mantra for this team going forward.

If you truly want to be the dominant team that will be remembered for decades to come; you have to go and take down this task.

Don’t shy away, don’t back down and don’t you dare think about taking that loss to get the prize at the end.

When it’s all said and done, why fear perfection?

Alexi Lalas: Moving to Fox Sports

By Kaleb Page

Quality soccer commentary in the U.S. is at a premium. Especially for commentators that are from the U.S. and can actually articulate not only the names, but the chess match that is soccer. ESPN had this premium in more ways than one with commentators Taylor Twellman and Alexi Lalas. Recently both of these key American soccer analysts went their opposite ways.

In the world of soccer, America is looked at as a lackluster soccer playground. Especially when it comes to the knowledge of the game and the subtle nuances that lends itself to the phrase “the beautiful game.” This past summer with the success and valiant efforts put forth by the U.S. men’s national soccer team, it started to show the change here in the states. In Brazil the following by the U.S. could not be mistaken and those that could not make it showed tremendous support unlike most World Cup’s in years past.

Twellman and Lalas both brought a knowledgeable American voice to the forefront of soccer. Something that those not up to par on their soccer could look to and get their facts in order to really learn the game. I think over the years these two have built more of a soccer following here and allowed more people to actually know what they are talking about with soccer (possibly why Brazil had such a successful following). With Twellman and Lalas exclusively on ESPN, it provided a platform to reach the masses and it opened the eyes to the rest of the networks.

Recently the contract for Twellman and Lalas came up at ESPN which led to Fox Sports jumping in to sign them away. With a battle between the two networks it came down to the two analysts to make a decision. For Twellman it was to stay with ESPN, and for Lalas it was to move on to Fox Sports. In something he said was like them giving him the godfather treatment.

Fox Sports still has to officially announce that Lalas has made the move, but for Lalas it was a no-brainer move. Creatively Fox Sports is one of the best sports outlets for soccer coverage, and some would say even better than their counterpart ESPN. Fox has these key soccer fixtures under their rights: 2015 Women’s World Cup, 2018 Men’s World Cup, a new MLS package and their already great coverage of the Champions League, FA Cup and soon the German Bundesliga. For any soccer analyst, especially one as outspoken and knowledgeable as Lalas, this network is a dream come true. This move also allows Lalas to be closer to his kids. Lalas lives in Los Angeles and Fox Sports has its studio in LA, which for Lalas is a 20 minute trip instead of his ESPN 3,000 mile flight.

For myself I would say it is a blow to the ESPN soccer analysis to lose the likes of Lalas since he gives such an honest take on what is going on in soccer. To be honest in years past I would be in the group of Americans who had little knowledge of the game and the tactics. With the help of a friend like Seth Glover, countless soccer matches on TV, FIFA videogames and analysis by those like Lalas; I now have a better understanding. It will be interesting to see how Lalas is incorporated to Fox’s already vast array of soccer coverage, and is able to give more of the country knowledge on “the beautiful game.”

Fox Sports Commentator Fired and Claims Religious Discrimination


Just after one appearance on air, Fox Southwestern commentator, Craig James has been fired after making homophobic remarks. James did not say the remarks on air while working for Fox Sports, but the comments came during his political campaign for the U.S. Senate.

“People choose to be gay,” he said during an April 2012 campaign stop. “I think it’s a choice, I do. Same-sex marriage, if someone chooses to do that, that’s done. And God’s going to judge each one of us in this room for our actions. And in that case right there, they’re going to have to answer to the Lord for their actions.”

Fox claims that James was not fired for his position on gay marriage and homosexuals. Fox representatives stated that he was fired because he was a good fit for the position he was originally offered. James thinks differently, he is moving forward in pursuing a lawsuit against Fox Sports for religious discrimination. 

James, despite his conservative views on various topics, needs to keep in mind that anything he says on and off the campaign trail will always represent him. But Fox also should be open to all beliefs and ideas as everyone is entitled to freedom of speech and religion. 

The homophobic comment was made in the past that should not reflect his current work. Fox hired James after his run for the U.S. Senate. Fox should have done more research and properly vetted James before offering him the position.

It should be interesting to follow this pending lawsuit as it continues to unfold with more details and what Fox will do despite denying they fired James for his stance on homosexuality.