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Bob Costas Expresses Opinions on Sunday Night Football on NBC


Bob Costas, commentator for NBC’s “Sunday Night Football,” addressed the controversial issue surrounding Washington’s team name during the halftime show of the Washington vs. Dallas football game on national television on October 13. 

Costas said the term used for the team name is “an insult, a slur to the Native American culture” and “ask yourself what the equivalent would be if directed toward African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians or members of any other ethnic group.” 

This broadcast was shortly after President Obama commented to the media about team’s name. But the larger story revolves around how Costas addressed the ongoing issue on national television. 

As a journalist/commentator, your responsibility is to be unbiased and report the facts. Specifically a commentator’s job, is to comment on the game, provide the fans with information pertaining to the game and players, and to provide viewers with an inside scoop of the game, team, and players. 

Commentators should not state their own opinions during a broadcast. As controversial as this issue is, Costas only added more fuel to the fire especially considering he was commentating during a Washington game. 

NFL and any other professional league commentator should do what they are getting paid for and that is to strictly comment on the game and its players. The controversial issues regarding teams and players should be left up to the league and the team itself.

Fans should be able to tune into any professional game and be able to enjoy the game without any politics. The great thing about sports is it provides an escape from the real world. For fans, it provides fun and entertainment, and a commentator’s job is to promote exactly that.

TV networks show respect for Newtown tragedy


Following the tragedy in Newton, Conn., I was interested to see how the media covered the story in their pregame broadcasts and during Sunday Night Football.

CBS, ESPN and FOX all acknowledged the event and did so in a very respectable way. They should be commended. Even the slightest choice of wrong words could hurt many people. 

Each network interviewed Giants head coach Tom Coughlin about how his team wanted to remember all the victims with a moment of silence and initials imprinted on their shoes. The networks were respectful of the emotions involved with this tragedy.

At halftime during Sunday Night Football, I wondered if Bob Costas would use the events in Newtown as another stage to address the issue of gun control. Just a few weeks ago, Costas was heavily criticized for his feature on gun control in the wake of Jovan Belcher’s suicide.

This Sunday, Costas instead chose to discuss another topic and avoided any political issues.

NBC also decided to cut into the first quarter of Sunday night’s game to televise President Obama’s speech at the prayer vigil being held in Newtown. This was a classy and respectable move by the network. It demonstrated how sports should be in the back of viewers’ minds right now and instead focused on showing respect for this tragedy.