“It Felt Like the Team We Wanted to Be”

By Ellen Chlumecky

February 9, 2015

This weekend past weekend the Bowling Green State University Falcons swept the Ferris State Bulldogs under the rug. While their first win on Friday night, February 6th, was not the win they were looking for there seemed to be a burst of energy instilled in the team on Saturday night.

The air was heavy with frustration on Friday night when the Falcons beat the Bulldogs 2-1. While coach Chris Bergeron said, “There is no such thing as a bad win” you could tell he was much more satisfied with the win on Saturday.

While the Falcons were trailing the Bulldogs 2-1 heading into the third period, junior Ben Murphy and sophomore Pierre-Luc Mercier scored within two minutes of each other to clinch the W on Saturday. While junior goalie Tommy Burke stepped up and blocked 21 of 23 shots to move his record to 8-3-3 on the season.

On Friday night there seemed to be no energy behind the players. There were only 19 shots on goal for each team. While the end result was obviously a victory, there seemed to be a struggle. CJ Motte’s, goalie for Ferris State, who has an overall save percentage of .918, was playing hard. He played hard to make sure it was very difficult for the Falcons to score. He left very few opportunities to score on goal.

While Motte’s efforts were unsuccessful, Bergeron and the Falcons went into Saturday’s game with a different game plan. Bergeron’s opinion on Friday’s game from Saturday’s was a remarkable improvement. He stated that he saw the work ethic he’s instilled in his players. He saw a calm focus in the team and there wasn’t panic among the team when they were down in the third. They continue to push and push until they saw the results they wanted.

Dan DeSalvo, Ben Murphy, Adam Berkle, Brent Tate, and Pierre-Luc Mercier played huge contributions in the rise of energy during Saturday’s game. You could see their commitment to win and their continuous support they gave to their team members. These are the type of players you look to for leadership in the game and they brought it.

The Falcons’ record is now 17-6-5 and 13-4-3 in the WCHA. The Bulldogs are now at 11-17-1 and 8-12-0 in the WCHA. The Falcons will play Ferris State again next weekend. Hopefully they will be able to bring home wins on Ferris’ home ice. We all know that if the Falcons keep applying that pressure, they will be victorious.

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