Cubs and Sox: Busy, Busy Bees

By Ellen Chlumecky

Chicago baseball fans have been buzzing this week because of the amount of trading going around with the North Side Cubs and the South Side White Sox. With trading some beloved Chicago players to acquiring some big names in the baseball world, fans’ heads are spinning with the amount of tumultuous deals going on. However, not everything is running smoothly right off the bat and not everyone is enthusiastic about the players that have been acquired by each team. As the age-old story goes with fans, you don’t get to pick who’s on your team but it doesn’t mean they won’t get complain about it.

On the South Side, the Chicago White Sox have snatched up several new players for next season. The lineup of new players includes: Jeff Samardzija, David Robertson, Melky Cabrera, Zach Duke, Dan Jennings, and Adam LaRoche. Micah Johnson and Rob Brantly are currently under debate right now. While the lineup is clearly stacked, the adjustment to so many players at once currently stands to be a problem. Namely a problem with Melky Cabrera. Cabrera had been suspended for 50 games and missed the end of the 2012 season because of elevated levels of testosterone. There has been quite a bit of controversy because of his mistake. While the biggest draw for the White Sox was Cabrera’s .351 on-base percentage in 2014 and his .339 OPB over his 10-year career. General Manager stated that “he respected the fact that Cabrera accepted and served his penalty and lived with the consequences, and he’s done his best to put it behind him.” They have a great amount of opportunity, if they can use these opportunities correctly.

While on the North Side, the Chicago Cubs have not been slouching on the trades either. In addition to the hiring of new coach, Joe Maddon, the Chicago Cubs have also acquired minor league pitcher Matt Brazis. The Cubs traded Justin Ruggiano to the Seattle Mariners for Brazis. In addition to acquiring pitcher Jason Motte. Their biggest catch though is the deal of snagging all-stars Jon Lester and Miguel Montero. However fans are not too happy about the Ruggiano trade, the Cubs management are looking into acquiring impact players who will provide leadership for the team, such as: Justin Upton and Jonny Gomes. While gaining Upton is unlikely, Gomes has connections with Maddon and might be a likely option for another trade. The Cubs management is very excited about the new steps for the next season.

While the buzz among Chicago baseball fans is growing louder and louder, there is nothing they can but just watch the trades come through the door. No matter what happens at the end of the day Cubs fans will continue to say, “this is our year.”

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