Chris Bosh Says he Hasn’t Spoken to LeBron Since his Departure from Miami

By Matt Rogers

Another day, another story about LeBron James leaving Miami for a reunion with the Cavaliers in Cleveland. This story does not have much to do with the teams, but has every thing to do with Miami and national media digging for any and every story involving LeBron’s departure from the Heat.

It was no coincidence that this story was broken just days before the Heat and Cavs clashed in a preseason game in Rio de Janiero, Brazil on Saturday. The story was derived from quotes that Chris Bosh gave to reporters when asked if he had spoken to LeBron James since his decision to leave the Heat to re-join the Cleveland Cavaliers, after leaving 4 years earlier for the warm weather, beaches and title opportunities in Miami.

Whether or not Bosh intended any ill will by his comments about James is unknown, but Bosh did say that “We will see each other on the court. That’s plenty of time to catch up.” These quotes have been run by a vast majority of all major media outlets since they were made, each putting their own twist and spin on how the quotes were to be interpreted. Most media outlets saw what Bosh said as a stab at LeBron for leaving his “close” friends, Dwyane Wade and Bosh, in Miami after 4 consecutive NBA Finals appearances (2 of which the Heat won).

Personally, I believe that the Bosh quotes are a non-story to draw interest to an otherwise meaningless NBA preseason game. The quotes should not come as a surprise to anyone because of how much media coverage LeBron’s decision received this past summer. There were stories that broke about LeBron riding back with Dwyane Wade on a plane to Miami from his skills camp in Las Vegas the day of his decision. This did not sit well with media members in Miami because this lead most to assume LeBron had decided to return to the Miami Heat, which obviously did not happen.

This definitely is not the last story to break about a possible rift between a member of the Miami Heat and LeBron James because of James’ departure from Miami and the media coverage it received and continues to receive. Anything that the media can use to conjure up a buzz about certain marquee match-ups throughout the long and drawn-out NBA season, especially anything that involves the best player in the NBA and the entire planet, LeBron James, is going to be used as much as possible.