Redskins NEED Name Change

Christopher L. Gasper wrote an incredible article for The Boston Globe on the need to change the Washington Redskins name.

I completely agree with what Mr. Gasper had to say about the name of the Redskins and how it is offensive to Native Americans.

Gasper talked about how it is racist for any team to be named the Redskins and how it is equivalent to a team being called the N-word. And, if you were to think about it, he is absolutely right because there is not one African-American who would be okay with any team being called the N-word.

I also like how Gasper pointed out how changing the name of the Redskins will not erase the history that they have made since moving to Washington. It will simply be the start of something new and fresh.

In fact, Gasper mentioned how the Indian removal Act of 1830 and Trail of Tears support the removal of the Redskins name.

Even powerful figures such as President Barack Obama, US Attorney General Eric Holder and Redskins cornerback Champ Bailey stated that it was a no-brainer that the Redskins should change their name.

Gasper did a great job in finding facts about how outraged people are when he said that the US Patent and Trademark office canceled the Redskins trademark.

Gasper did look at both sides stating that a lot of die-hard Redskins fans wouldn’t approve of a name change because it is what they grew up on. I understand that because I couldn’t imagine calling the Detroit Lions another name.

A simple solution would be to change the Redskins name to the Washington Braves. Many teams that move to different cities keep the original name and just change the city. For instance the New Jersey Nets recently changed their name to the Brooklyn Nets. I also feel like Native Americans should do peaceful protests so the world can actually see first-hand that the Redskins name is truly offensive to them.

Gasper did a great job with this article by critiquing how disrespectful it is for the Redskins to be called the Redskins and did a wonderful job backing up the sources.



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