NBA 2014 All-Star Game New Orleans Half Time Report


is known for their hilarious broadcasters and for the NBA All-Star Game, those broadcasters did not disappoint.

Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley, and Shaquille O’Neal gave a very entertaining half time report. All of these broadcasters have a high IQ of the game. They were all former players and some are even in the NBA Hall of Fame.

The broadcasters kicked off the half time report showing part of Barkley’s one-on-one interview with President Barack Obama.

Barkley’s interview was okay. He asked many questions on different players ranging from Stephan Curry, Kevin Durant to LeBron James. The one thing that stood out for me during the clip of the interview was the fact that Barkley had a shaky voice and he stuttered throughout the interview. Obviously, nerves played a big role in that.

The broadcasters also highlighted a few new records that were broken during the first half. Johnson brought up the fact that the West set an all-star record with 89 points in the first half and both teams set a record with a combined 165 total points to end the first half. Johnson also highlighted the fact that Blake Griffin tied Wilt Chamberlain’s 1962 record with 10 made field goals in a half.

Instead of talking about the first half highlights, TNT introduced the ultimate highlight video, which showed viewers all of the highlights in the first half.

After the video the broadcasters noted were LeBron’s dunks. Barkley still is rooting for James to compete in the dunk contest. Barkley then goes on record to say, “Nobody will be better than LeBron”.

When the conversation switched to the potential winner of the All-star MVP, Barkley joked, “that the first player with three assists and three blocks will win the award”. Barkley also joked about how hideous the all-star uniforms were.

To close the half time report, the broadcasters ended with a, “Shaqtin a fool” moment starring Kyrie Irving. Irving threw the ball in bounds while none of his teammates were looking and the play resulted in a turnover.

The broadcasters were a very entertaining bunch that joked around and knew how to grasp the viewer’s attention. The one thing I wish the broadcasters had done is talk more about the first half highlights instead of just showing a video.

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