‘Dream Team’ documentary a ‘must see’


The new documentary about the 1992 U.S. Men’s Basketball Olympic Team is a must see for any sports fan.

Produced by NBA TV, the film focuses on how superstars with huge competitive egos like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson can co-exist on the same team. More importantly, this film shows what it took for this Olympic team to be the best team in the history of team sports.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this documentary was how they focused on the internal competitive battles within the team.  It was Jordan versus Johnson or Barkley versus Malone to find out who was the best. The practice footage that was used to show these battles was brilliant. Viewers were able to really see how intense every practice was.

The documentary also went in-depth as to how the team’s head coach, Chuck Daly, then the Piston’s head coach, managed all the different personalities on this team. More interviews with assistant coaches, some of them Hall of Famers, would have strengthened the documentary.

The production of this film was excellent.  It gave the audience an in-depth look at the “Dream Team” through many interviews with a lot of perspective.

NBA TV is known for quality NBA programming because that network is operated by Turner Sports, which is the home to the best studio show in sports “Inside the NBA.”

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