Commentators tailor broadcast to Minnesota market


On the call on Fox Sports North for the Charlotte Bobcats v. the Minnesota Timberwolves game were Tom Hanneman and Jim Petersen.  Fox Sports North is a media outlet primarily shown in the Minnesota area, so I had to take that into account when listening to them.  With that said, I feel both commentators did a great job enhancing the fan experience.

Hanneman did the play-by-play and kept his words very concise.  He also did a good job not over-talking because the fans can see what is going on for themselves.  Hanneman brings a lot of excitement to the game and made me, as a fan, really believe he wanted the Timberwolves to win the game.  Along with his excitement, Hanneman uses some good catch phrases. For example, there were a couple times when rookies Ricky Rubio and Derrick Williams would have great plays back-to-back and Hanneman said, “great pass by Rick Rubio, rise and shine rookies.”

Petersen did the color commentary and really showed his basketball expertise.  Petersen played in the NBA and is currently the assistant coach for the Minnesota Lynx.  Each time down the court he would explain what each player has been trying to improve on their last couple games. For example, after Wes Johnson drove to the basket and scored Petersen said, “That’s what Wes needs to do.”  While being a Timberwolves commentator, Petersen still showed equal praise to other players such as Kemba Walker when they made good plays.

Hanneman and Petersen did a god job making, what could have been a boring game, exciting.  The duo did a good job tailoring their commentary to their market which is Timberwolves fans. As a Timberwolves fan, the commentary duo of Petersen and Hanneman provided a great combination of informative commentary and entertainment which made it worth tuning into.

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